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The DC Bespoke Glock Trigger is the first and only one of it's kind on the market for Glock pistols. IT IS NOT A DROP IN PART, and will require hand fitting to work properly. It is also just one piece of the complete trigger system and on its own will not reduce pull weight or change the type of break. What it WILL DO is eliminate all side to side wiggle in the frame, wiggle on the trigger pin, and play in the trigger bar. This greatly improves the overall feel of the trigger by providing a more rigid interface. It has a pretravel adjustment to easily allow the end user to set travel at their desired length.


When combined with other supporting modifications, the Bespoke Trigger will unlock the potential for you to have the absolute best feeling trigger system possible in a Glock pistol today.


The Bespoke Trigger includes the trigger body, safety tab, safety tab spring, pre-travel set screw, 2 roll pins, a 0.078" gage pin, and installation instructions.

Bespoke Glock Trigger

  • Requires hand fitting by end user
  • Includes trigger body assembly only
  • Comes in raw finish
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