This package will maximize the performance potential of your Glock G17 or G34 for USPSA Carry Optics division. We start out by milling the slide for your choice of optic and iron sights and then remove almost 4 ounces of weight from the slide. Front and optional top serrations are cut in to assist in fast and consistent slide maniupulation. The ergonomics of the frame are improved and through a proprietary process almost 10 ounces of weight is added during the silicone carbide grip enhancement. The magwell is internally ramped and flared as much as possible under USPSA rules. The trigger pull weight is reduced to 2lbs or under and almost all pretravel is removed while still maintaing reliable function and positive reset. The trigger safety tab function, cruciform drop saftety, and plunger safety all operate reliably. Finally the pistol action is smoothed out and the recoil spring assembly is tuned for a proper shot to shot return to point of aim. Total weight of the pistol is increased to 35 ounces.


  • Precisely milled optic cut
  • Front serrations
  • Optional top serrations or window
  • 1.5 - 2.0lb trigger pull weight
  • Minimal trigger pre travel
  • Silicone carbide grip enhancement
  • Proprietary frame weighting process
  • Action smoothing
  • Tuned recoil spring assembly

C17 / C34 Carry Optics

Optic Cut
Rear Sight Cut
Top of Slide

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