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The DC Special slide work package has been adapted to the G48 to make one of the best shooting single stack guns for concealed carry on the market! It features several unique design elements that separate it from all the other offerings on the market. All of the cuts and modifications made serve functional purposes that improve performance and ease of use without reducing reliability. The front sight is moved back to allow the barrel porting to be as far forward as possible. This allows the porting to be as efficient as possible and keeps your front sight completely carbon free. This package is designed to operate with standard factory ammunition on the factory recoil spring assembly. Optic cut cover plates are NOT included. Single color Cerakote is included in the cost, DLC and Titanium Nitride are now available as add on options. You will be contacted once your slide arrives to confirm any necessary details.

DC 48 Special Slide Milling

  • Optic Cut Included
  • OEM Front Serrations Maintained
  • Optional Top Window
  • Relocated Front Sight
  • Barrel Porting
  • Optional Flush Cut & Crown + $40
  • Single Color Cerakote Finish
  • Optional DLC Slide Finish
  • Optional Titanium Nitride Barrel Finish
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