There is finally an option for a box fed shotgun setup specifically for competition that is both affordable and reliable. The base gun is completely torn down and gone through piece by piece to ensure that every part of the gun is working exactly as it should to deliver the absolute best performance possible. The action is smoothed up and modified where necessary to reduce any unecessary friction or binding that would prevent reliable function from the light loads used in shotgun competition. The trigger is tuned to reduce pretravel and over travel without compromising drop safety and then polished to provide an ultra smooth and short 2lb break. The safety lever is modified to reduce the travel and eliminate any extra slop or wiggle while also preventing it from slipping past the receiver when deactivated. The furniture is swapped out with the customers preffered choice of grip and stock to provide comfort and the perfect cheek weld when using rail mounted optics. The top cover is checked for excessive wiggle that would compromise optic zero and as an available option, a rail is welded in place of the factory rear iron sight to guarantee a rock solid optic mount. The bottom of the receiver is opened up to allow the use of straight insert VEPR style magazines rather than the standard rock and lock type. The handguard is replaced with a DCPrecision carbon fiber unit that extends down the full length of the barrel to allow aggressive control of the gun while minimizing weight. The barrel is cut and threaded for internal chokes. For those wanting the most compact package possible for those tight bay stages, the barrel can be cut down to 15" and the muzzle brake permanently attached to bring the overall barrel length to just 18 inches. Finally, after being test fired to ensure proper function after all of the modifications the entire gun is torn back down, degreased, media blasted, and then coated in your color of choice to provide a smooth and long lasting protective barrier against wear and corrosion. 




  • Reliability Gaurantee
  • 2lb short travel trigger
  • VEPR magwell conversion
  • Lightweight carbon fiber handguard
  • Welded low profile optic rail
  • Left side charging handle
  • Thumb activated magazine release lever
  • Extended short throw safety lever
  • Threaded to accept Tru Choke pattern choke tubes (Mod, IM, Full included)
  • Custom extra length choke tube wrench included
  • JMAC RRD-2C 12 Brake
  • Customers Cerakote color of choice