This is the ultimate Open Division race gun based on a polymer framed Glock Pistol. Each one is built on the principle of extracting every bit of possible performance while maintaining the reliability that the Glock platform is known for. Recoil is tamed down to the lowest possible level by using a 2 chamer / 2 popple hole design on guns that need to be able to run a mixture of minor and major power factor ammo and a 3 chamber / 2 popple hole design on guns that will be dedicated to running major power factor. The competition frameweight and other modifications bring the gun up to 48 + ounces, reducing muzzle flip and allowing for more controlled shots while running the fastest splits possible. If a slide blank is used rather than the factory glock slide the compensator can be perfectly blended making more a  much more aesthetically pleasing look.


  • 2 Chamber Compensator for minor power factor guns
  • 3 Chamber Compensator for dedicated major power factor guns
  • Proprietary slip-fit compensator design is 50 state legal
  • Popple hole design tracks flatter and keeps glass cleaner
  • 48 + ounces
  • Superior ergonomics
  • 2lb trigger
  • Minimum trigger pre-travel and over-travel
  • Perfect magwell funnel 
  • Choice of optic mount
    • C-More RTS2
    • Sig Sauer Romeo 3 Max / XL
    • Leupold Delta Point Pro
    • Trijicon SRO
  • Includes 2x 140mm magazines and 1x 170mm magazine
  • Includes padded nylon hard case




* You will be contacted after ordering to confirm details and discuss any additional options *


* If you are unsure of anything please contact us directly prior to ordering *

R17 Open

Base Frame
Power Factor

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