This is the most advanced steel framed striker fired open gun ever built, and the pinnacle of what DCPrecision originally set out to do. The heart of the gun is a highly modified OZ9 steel frame. The dust cover is extened to run almost the full length of the slide and compensator to add weight and properly balance the gun. The grip module is reshaped for better ergonomics, weighted, and wrapped in silicon carbide for enhanced grip and control. The trigger is perfectly tuned to a very smooth 1.5-2.0 lb pull that is as short as mechanically possible while still maintaing reliable and safe function. The action is smoothed up and the slide travel is increased 0.200" to increase reliability and smooth out recoil. A match grade barrel is fit and throated to ensure reliable chambering of 9mm Major loads seated out to 1.15". Up on top is a modified Tevo Sports saddle mount for your optic of choice. Every part of these guns have been scrutinized over and tuned to perfection. 


Optic Mount
  • Custom steel frame
  • Weighted grip module
  • Silicon Carbide grip texture
  • Proprietary slip-fit compensator design is 50 state legal
  • Popple hole design tracks flatter and keeps glass cleaner
  • Stroked 0.200"
  • Tuned action with 10lb recoil spring
  • 48 + ounces
  • Superior ergonomics
  • 1.5 - 2.0lb trigger
  • Minimum trigger pre-travel
  • Perfect magwell funnel 
  • Choice of optic mount (optic not included)
    • C-More RTS2
    • Sig Sauer Romeo 3 Max / XL
    • Leupold Delta Point Pro
    • Trijicon SRO
  • Includes 2x 140mm magazines and 1x 170mm magazine
  • Includes padded nylon hard case

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