Stop dropping your shotgun mags all over the place! The Knub is a simple device that attaches directly to your shotgun magazines or any other flat surface via strong Gorilla brand double sided mounting tape. The Knub slides securely into the Knub Hanger and snaps in at the bottom. An anit-rotation tab keeps the knub from spinning inside the hanger and reduces the amount of movement of the magazine while hanging from your belt. The Gen II knubs feature a steel screw and nut insert through the middle for added strength and an extra level of retention when pulled into the hanger by the neodymium magnets in them.


Each Knub and Knub Hanger are sold seperately. 

The Knub Gen II

  • Strong TPLA construction
  • Steel Screw and Nut insert for added strength
  • Anti-Rotation tab to keep magazines from spinning
  • Includes 1 strip of Gorilla mounting tape
  • Made in the U.S.A.