Stop dropping your shotgun mags all over the place! The Knub Hanger attaches to your belt using the provided Tek-Lok or ELS and allows for lightning quick reloads while securely retaining your magazines when not in use. Knubs snap into place and neodymium magnets add an extra level of retention. The hole spacing on the Knub hanger is either 4 holes spaced at 1.5" square or 2 holes spaced at 1.45" up and down so if you plan to attach it to something other than a Tek-Lok or ELS just select the "none" option for the correct spacing for your application under the mount tab.


Each Knub and Knub Hanger are sold seperately. 

The Knub Hanger Gen II

  • Strong TPLA construction
  • Gen II features a longer and narrower groove for added retention
  • Neodymium magnet for extra level of retention
  • Optional Tek-Lok or ELS mount
  • Made in the U.S.A.